Boxes of Bean-to-Bonbons

Bonbons are made from the bean to bar chocolate, which we also make at home. Bean to bar dark chocolate contains only 3 ingredients: organic cacao beans / nibs , raw sugar and organic cacao butter.

chocolate is made over 72 hrs in the grinders and then aged for min 2 weeks before we work with it.

We either have Peruvian or Colombian 75% dark or Peruvian white vegan.

All our products are vegan, hand made, hand decorated, hand painted and hand packed.

We use high quality mostly organic ingredients.

#freefrom soya, dairy, gluten, palm oil however may contain gluten (if I use biscoff in chocolate bonbon the box will contain soya and gluten, you can request one without biscoff if you are gluten soya intolerant)

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