Allergy Advice

Shokoladi Malvern is plant based, dairy free chocolates. It also contains zero soya ( however marshmallows do contain SOYA so if follow soya free diet, you won’t be able to order those) . The bean to bar Chocolate itself is made only with 3 ingredients , cacao nibs or beans/ raw sugar/ cacao butter ( no soya lecithins or any lecithins nor palm oil)
chocolate then is turned into bars, filled bars, peanut butter cups, marshmalows, Turkish delights, and very popular bonbons where all you get is home made and hand made freshly before the bonbons are made. I work with nut pralines and seed pralines ( home made nut butters) also with fruits, alcohol etc

As I work with the same chocolate with all chocolates , even nut free chocolate may contain NUTS and PEANUTS.


May contain SESAME, gluten despite none of these being used in the chocolate I have to mention as no special tests have been done in the laboratory with my chocolates. My kitchen is dairy free, however some products I use may say, they may have “may contain DAIRY” on like peanuts from Marks and Spencer’s etc .