About Us

  1. What is Shokoladi Malvern

Shokoladi is a Georgian word for chocolates.

I am originally from Georgia, where I lived in a small town called Signagi, which has beautiful views on the Caucasus mountains and the Alazani Valley. Shokoladi is a Georgian word for chocolate.

Now, I live in Malvern, Worcestershire. I love Malvern, its hills, fresh air and the people who are always very friendly.

A friend of mine commented once, that Malvern is known for its clear waters, fresh hills air and now (hopefully) it will get known for its good Chocolate too – well, who knows!

That’s why the name Shokoladi Malvern.

Why We Started

I am a real chocoholic!

I love dark chocolate. Craft Dark chocolate tastes of real cacao beans with different notes ( depends on its origin, sun, drying, roasting etc )Most shop bought chocolates contain mostly sugar, very little cacao, and have a long list of ingredients of very unnecessary additives.
Real dark chocolate is full of antioxidants, iron, magnesium and in fact, it is good for you. I use only 2 ingredients cacao nibs plus raw sugar. No lecithins ( sunflower nor soya ) is added to my chocolate. It’s fluid and smooth as it is.

I wanted to create with my chocolate. The Chocolate that is good, free from lecithins, veg fats and truly delicious.

What We Make

Shokoladi Malvern makes (mainly) dark chocolate from the finest fair trade and organic cacao beans and nibs.

Our chocolate is dairy free , 100% plant based.

The mass has no soya, palm oil and refined sugar, however in the bonbons or some enrobed treats at times I use bought ingredients like biscoff for example, which does have palm oil plus soya plus gluten.

Shokoladi uses as much health boosting ingredients as possible (seeds, nuts, freeze dried fruit, buckwheat  etc) it has little, unrefined organic sugar in the chocolate bonbons and the nut pralines are made with home made nut butters, caramelised raw sugar and maple syrup/ or agave.

We focus on quality, not quantity with our chocolates, choosing to make less batches of chocolate each week so that each order is made to the highest standard with a personalized approach. This does mean we have less stock on hand so you know it will be the freshest chocolate possible.

Why We Are Different

There are not many chocolate makers in the world. There are many chocolatiers, who make chocolate from bought chocolate and make them into truffles, bars etc, but they do not make their actual chocolate.

Chocolate making is hard work, and that is why, you will find more bean to bar chocolates in a shop or online, but not bean to bonbons / box. It is easier to make bars, than individual small, filled chocolates. We make our own chocolate, nut butters, bars, filled bars and individual bon bons (pralines and vegan ganaches).

We do offer craft chocolate and it is completely different from what you can buy in shops. It’s pure, melts slowly on your tongue and doesn’t leave the waxy feel in your mouth.
If you would like to order, please place an order by Sunday latest and your chocolates will be made and despatched on Wednesday.

Our Process

To make one batch of chocolate in a grinder takes 72 hrs. Roasted cacao nibs are added on day one and day two sugar is added. Day 3 we have smooth beautiful chocolate which needs to mature then to develop the best flavour notes (4 weeks min) then the slabs are brought out and made into different flavour bonbons or bean to bars with different fruits, seeds, nuts.

No heavy machines are used. Whatever can be made by hand is made by hand and for transport – I use my Micro Scooter (not electric) to send out our chocolates, rather than a car.