Your Favourite Flavours bonbons x 12


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I get customer feedback regularly and found that most of you like salted caramel, so the box will have 4 salted caramels in.
You like a nutty praline too. So you will have 4 hazelnut butter coffee giandujas too.
4 bean to bar dark tablets will be there for you to dunk in your hot drink (any of these ginger, hazelnut, almond and pink salt, cacao nibs, raspberry, plain 75% dark, orange peel)

There will be less flavours in the box than normally, but these bonbons will always be available.

Dairy free, gluten free, plant based, soya free diet followers can enjoy the chocolates.

Ingredients/ cacao nibs, sugar, tiger nut, ALMOND flour, coconut, HAZELNUT, coffee, naturli vegan butter block.

Some colours on top are from natural selection of RoXy and Rich and some are from chef rubber. Some may contain some E numbers. If you are allergic please do get in touch. The cocoa butter colours are used in very small amounts to make the chocolate shells prettier.

Shelf life 3 weeks.

Pic is only a sample.
Boxes are compostable.


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