SUGARFREE KETO bonbons, Spring collection , box of 12


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Keto bonbons in February and March will have the following flavours in:

* Blackcurrant pate de fruit with hazelnut praline
* strawberry pate de fruit with cashew and Rose praline
* Almond caramel ey Gianduja and sea salt
* Coffee hazelnut Gianduja
* Lemon Rose and berry chocolate praline

ChocoLate and ingredients are all home made same way as my other chocolate creations.

Chocolat contains Colombian cacao nibs, erythritol, inulin, cocoa butter, almond flour and vanilla

Blackcurrants, strawberries, stevia, almond and hazelnut butter, natural flavouring ( rose) salt, coffee, cinnamon , lemon oil, raspberries

Chocolate used is 68% dark chocolate semi sweet dark and mylk light chocolate.

Contains NUTS, may contain gluten as gluten is used in the kitchen time to time and may contain PEANUTs or SESAME

Plastic free packaging
Enjoy within 2 weeks after receiving them.
Colours used on top for decoration are natural colours from roxy and rich or chef rubber.
Pic is a sample.


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