Sugar free keto bonbons and Filled bars



Refined sugar free filled bars with bonbons.

Filled bars and bonbons.
Menu: 3 filled bars
* Hazelnut and blackcurrant Gianduja

Bonbons will be a mixture.

Contains erythritol, inulin and a bit of stevia.

Contains: cacao nibs, cacao butter, ALMOND flour, erythritol, inulin, stevia.
HAZELNUT, ALMOND. Coffee, coconut, sugar free fruit stews/ jams.
May contain: PEANUT, SESAME, Sugar as I use these in the kitchen, so the kitchen is not free from those, and I have to list them for allergies.

Any questions please ask.

Keto bean to bar chocolate replacement is made in a grinder same way as my bean to bar chocolate, only sugar is replaced with the sweeteners.

Nut butters are also freshly made with freshly roasted nuts in the oven. No sweeteners are added to them and they are 100% nut paste.

These have 7 weeks shelf life, so can be used as Halloween gifts/early Xmas gifts.


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