Keto, Sugar free Bundle of 5 bean to bars



Keto, sugar free chocolate bean to bars are made same way as the other chocolates but instead of the raw sugar erythritol and inulin is used.

Carb count per bar is average 3.5/4g

Dark chocolate is made with freshly roasted cacao nibs from Peru, cacao butter, almond flour, vanilla, erythritol and inulin.

Berries, strawberries, nuts are added for extra texture and taste.

The bundle will have any of these bars (3 flavours)
Dark berry
Dark hazelnut crunch
Dark mint

Bars weigh average 80/90g depends what’s on the bars.

You will get 5 bars from the list.

They are £7.79’each If you wish to order
only one or two.

Any questions please ask. Order by Sunday and your order will be despatched on Wednesday or you can pick up from Malvern on Wednesday.

Contains nuts, erythritol and inulin if consumed in large quantities may cause tummy upset.

Ideal for Keto followers or diabetics.


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