Keto bonbons, sugar free bonbons x 12


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12 pretty sugar free bonbons in the box, will contain 4-5 flavours:

* Pecan chai spice praline
* Almond, Rose and raspberry white chocolate praline
* Blackcurrant and Hazel gianduja
* Salted caramel hazelnut soft praline
* white coffee and cardamom gianduja

If I have time and sugar free choc left I will be making one more flavour: coffee and walnut or coffee, berry and almond.

Instead of sugar inulin erythritol and stevia is used.

No animal products nor palm oil is added.

Choc replacement for sugar free customers is made same way as my other bean to bar chocolate, cacao nibs, cacao butter, almond flour (20%) peanut defatted flour (20%)

Contains: NUTS, PEANUT, Coffee, blackcurrant, raspberry, Rose water, cardamom, chia spice.

Cacao butter colours used are natural from roxy and rich, but some of them contain E numbers.

If you need more info about anything, please email me.

These are good for 5 weeks so you can enjoy them at haloween.

Pic used is similar to how the choc will look.


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