Coffee walnut Cups, keto, low carb and sugarfree

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Coffee walnut cups are made with coffee bean to bar chocolate (Colombian cacao nibs, Colombian coffee beans, cacao butter, almond flour, inulin, erythritol, 0.1g stevia, vanilla) and home roasted and home made nut butters (80% walnuts,12%pecans, 7.5%almonds, 0.5%cashews) carb count per cup is average 3.2g

The chocolate is free from soya lecithins, palm oil, dairy, gluten ( however gluten is used in the kitchen so if celiac best to avoid).

Only freshly made ingredients are used in the chocolate bars/ bonbons and nut butter cups.

Orange flavour drops are used to enhance the flavour of coffee and sprinkle of pink salt.

They come in a craft small box in twos.

The box has a ribbon.

Keep in a cool dry place.
Cut them in chunks and enjoy!

These weigh average 54g each so its a good buy compared to bonbons. One weighs same as 5 bonbons.

Order 2 boxes For £18 by emailing. Thanks

1 review for Coffee walnut Cups, keto, low carb and sugarfree

  1. Charis (verified owner)

    So delicious! I bought these to have as a special treat on occasion when I wanted to have something sweet – since having a bit of a lifestyle overhaul and struggling with headaches when eating the smallest bit of ‘milk’ chocolate or sweets, I wanted to try something a little more special than standard dark chocolate.

    The outer shell is a rich, delicious dark chocolate, and the inside…wow! A creamy, nutty filling with a little bit of a salt like crunch, a slight coffee taste with a hint of orange. Quite possibly all my favourite flavours and the texture has a good amount of bite. Great cut into little chunks but you will be tempted to eat the whole thing! I cannot wait to have another piece!


      Thank you for leaving a lovely feedback! Enjoy them in small or big chunks Charis 🤎

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