Peanut butter Gianduja Cups


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2 peanut butter cups in dark bean to bar dark and mylk chocolate shells and home made peanut butter filling with caramelised white chocolate. They are packed in small Cute white or craft boxes.

Each weighs about 54g ( similar to 5 bonbons) so these are a good value for the money.

Cut in chunks with a warm knife and enjoy the creamiest peanut butter filling with some crunchy peanuts added to it. For more crunchy texture buckwheat is added which was sprouted and dehydrated at home too.

Very small amount coffee peanut gianduja cups will be made too with white coffee chocolate shell. Coffee and peanuts together is lovely.
If you wish to order coffee, please write in the comments coffee and if I still have some available you will get the coffee box.

Allergies / peanuts , coconut

Contains: cacao, raw sugar, buckwheat, peanuts, coconut, /coffee.

Any questions please ask.

These will be available all May, if you order by Tuesday your order will be dispatched on Wednesday. If you order Wednesday onwards your order may not get dispatched till the following Monday ( if more stock is available I will post it next day).


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