PBJ peanut butter cups with raspberry caramel


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Raspberry sharp caramel paired with 100% pure peanut butter softness and creaminess. A bit of sea salt sprinkled and some peanuts for crunch.

These are not gianduja cups but pure peanut butter pralines.

The small box will have 2 in and they weigh similar to the bonbon boxes. They are less than half the price than the bonbons. So these are a good bye.

Shelf life is long if you wish to order more than one or two. 6 weeks.

Shells made with bean to bar dark and light chocolate shells.
Contains: cacao nibs, raw sugar, cacao butter, coconut, ALMONDS, PEANUTS, raspberry, coconut oil.

Any questions please ask.
Pic is only a sample as none are ready yet.


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