Spring in the Box – collection of 12 chocolates



Spring in the box.
Bonbons in the spring box will have hand painted colourful bonbons.

There will be some new flavours based on Georgian tastes like grandmas tea – tea which was made by my grandma, strong black tea with spices (cloves, anise, cinnamon)
Dandelion honey – picked in my garden made into honey, it will make a gozinak which is similar to bakhlava nuts and honey and will be paired with soft dark chocolate ganache.

There will be minimum 5 flavours maximum 7
flavours in the boxes.

The menu is below, subject to change one or two flavours if I run out I shall make either salted caramel and peanut gianduja or cinnamon Turkish delight praline or coffee gianduja.

* Grandmas chai – spicy tea ganache in dark chocolate shells, my grandma used to make for me.
* Gozinakhi ( roasted walnuts and garden dandelion honey which I picked with my little girl and made into “honey”) mixed with coffee bean to bar choc and made into praline , paired with salted caramel
* Sharp home made lemon pate de fruit with rosemary dark chocolate ganache
* Salted caramel and Raspberry caramel Duo
* Raspberry rose caramel and cashew butter and strawberry stone ground chocolate praline
* Biscoff and Almond soft gianduja
If you follow Gluten Free diet please comment no gluten so your box won’t have the Biscoff. Chocolates without gluten were made first so there is almost zero chance the other chocs to contain Gluten but as I use gluten in the kitchen, the menu will say may contain.
* raspberry caramel and peanut butter
* rose cashew praline
* salted caramel and almond coffee praline

The boxes will have minimum 6 flavours, maximum 8 flavours.

I’ll be posting on Tuesday and on Friday, however if you need them earlier I can post earlier.

Menu subject to change once some of the flavours are sold out.

Any questions please email me or contact me on social media.

Chocolates will have 15 days shelf life when you receive them (I don’t use any preservatives in my chocs, so ganaches have a short shelf life but giandujas caramels and pralines naturally have 5/6 weeks shelf life)

Contains: GLUTEN if there is biscoff in the box, NUTS, PEANUTS, SOYA

Chocolate used is bean to bar dark, light and white chocolate. Colours used on top are natural colours from roxy and rich or chef rubber. They still contain some ENumbers. Please see their website for more information.

Other products available throughout spring and summer till July, biscoff peanut and coffee gianduja cups will be made few times, stuffed dates, hand cut hazelnut truffles, marshmallows.

Pics are only a sample.


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