Spring selection – box of 12 bonbons



Spring Flavours / Mother’s Day chocs available (menu may change slightly) from the end of Feb till Easter. Next batch will be available from the 24th of Feb. If you are in a rush please order “surprise me” box which will have 3/4 flavours which are made first.

* Dark chocolate coconut sugar based water ganache paired with passion fruit “macaroon” disc
* Coffee dark fudge soft ganache
* Dark chocolate coconut sugar based water ganache paired with raspberry and rose macaroon disc
* Almond butterscotch praline with mulberry fruit
* Hazelnut soft gianduja with a whole roasted hazelnut inside
* Golden caramel and peanut gianduja “posh snickers”
* Orange pate de fruit and Orange Vodka light chocolate ganache

Menu may change slightly.
If it’s for Mother’s Day please put in the comments Mother’s Day, so they get the right menu plus they get sent out fresh just before Mother’s Day.

Contains NUTS PEANUTS, may contain SOYA

Cacao nibs, sugar, cacao butter, coconut,raspberry, HAZELNUT, PEANUT,CASHEW, ALMOND, coffee, orange, naturli butter (emulsifiers), salt

Colours on top are from natural selection from roxy and rich or chef rubber, some of which may contain some E numbers.

Any questions or allergies please email.

Compostable packaging. Pic is only a sample. Please see my social media – Instagram or Fb for the current pics of the bonbons.


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