Marzipan selection box of 12


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Box of 12 marzipan bonbons will contain 5 flavours:
* Almond and sour cherry
* Earl Grey and orange
* Rose marzipan with rose Turkish delight and berries
* Blackcurrant and ginger
* Coffee, walnut and Armagnac
* Sour cherry and brandy marzipan
* Madjoli date Jam, cardamom pistachio walnut trio

Bonbons are decorated with cocoa butter colours ( despite being natural
Colours some still have E numbers)
Marzipans are made in 75% dark bean to bar Peruvian chocolate shells.

They don’t have dairy, gluten, soya, palm oil, lecithins, plastic. May contain gluten as gluten is used in the kitchen.

These will be available till 10 of October ( or till the stocks last).

Other products available are: peanut butter and caramel gianduja cups, 3 flavour giant marshmallows (not soya free) passion fruit and ginger, berry crumble, dujaladi ( mylk hazelnut stone ground chocolate) and all the dark bean to bars.

Pic of berry rose marzipan shells, pic of the box not available as marzipans are not ready.


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