Man‘s chocolate shoe with 6 bonbons



Man’s shiny bean to bar chocolate shoe is an ideal gift for men for Father’s Day, anniversary or a birthday.
Chocolate used is stone ground bean to bar chocolate ( origin Peru or Madagascar).
6 bonbons will be the flavours made in the week, when you place an order.

Shelf life for the shoe is 1 month plus in a cool dry place, but it’s best enjoyed within a month.
6 Bonbons in the box will be from the monthly flavours, which have a shelf life of 2 weeks once you receive them.

All chocolate is made with home made ingredients ( nut butters, pralines, fruit purées , pate de fruits etc) and all is plant based.

No dairy , gluten, palm oil is used in the chocolates, however, gluten is used in the kitchen. If you are allergic to anything please email, before you order so I can advise you better.

Marshmallows used contain soya, other products I make none have soya. If you are allergic to soya, please message/ or email me.

Shoe comes in a see through box ( recycling not compostable) with a menu inside for the bonbons.

All Father’s Day orders will be posted by the 12th of June.


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