For the Love of Chocolate – 12 chocolates


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November flavour box will have some of the following chocolates:
* Coffee praline with date, maple and cardamom jam and a whole hazelnut (eat as whole and explore the many flavours and notes of the choc, it contains a whole hazelnut so for that reason best not to bite into it)
* Cashew “cookie”. Cashew simple praline in dark bean to bar chocolate shells.
* Apple pecan cinnamon pie ( garden apple pate de fruit with home made pecan cinnamon praline) in different shape moulds
* Blackcurrant gianduja
* Almond praline with Chai spice
* summer nostalgia – strawberry ice cream with balsamic drizzle
* spicy coffee smooth ganache

Chocolate used is bean to bar dark, mylk and white stone ground chocolate. (origin Peru)
Ingredients: cacao nibs, raw sugar, coconut milk powder, almond powder, cacao butter, vanilla, PECANS, CASHEW, Turkish delight ( sugar, lemon, corn flour) blackcurrant, apples, raw sugar, normal sugar, pectin, citric acid, cinnamon, coffee, date, maple, cardamom oil (natural) HAZELNUT

Each bonbon weighs average 11g-13g
Colours used are natural colours from Roxy and Rich or the chef rubber. They are azo free but have some E number ingredients.
Any questions, please ask.
These will be available for posting on the / from the 5th of September.

Enjoy within 2 weeks.

All is dairy free, also soya free and plastic free. None have gluten in but I use gluten in the kitchen. Very little chance some ending up in choc, but the label will say may contain GLUTEN
Only small amount of bonbons will be available in November due to large orders for the advents and Christmas prep. Thanks
Please order by Monday and your order will be sent out on Wednesday.


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