For the Love of Chocolate – 12 chocolates


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Edit: irregular box is left with 2 flavours missing.

In July and August when the weather is cool once a month I will make few flavours for the love of chocolate.

I love making up new recipes and when not making too many chocolates , I can spend time and develop a new recipe.

July flavour box will have the following chocolates:
* Coffee orange hazelnut gianduja
* Coffee gianduja with halva and sesame brittle ( soaked and dehydrated sesame cookies made at home, no gluten)
* Salted caramel and home made peanut butter white ( vegan stoneground ) Chocolate gianduja.
* chilli, Indian spicy mango and buckwheat “popadom”
* chilli ganache and Indian spicy mango

I don’t use any preservatives so chocolate shelf life is maximum 3 weeks and a half, however they are best to be eaten while very fresh.

All is gluten dairy free, also soya free and plastic free.

Keep in a cool place.

Any questions please ask.

Small amount of peanut butter gianduja cups are also made in July and Turkish delights.


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