For the love of chocolate 6 Bonbons


Allergies: Nuts.


Boxes of 6 contains the same flavours as boxes of 12, you will get min 4 flavours maximum 6 flavours.

Please see menu under selection 12 bonbons, or don’t bother with the menu and expect a surprise box or gift a surprise box.

If you have any questions, please email on our fb page or via email.

Chocolate is home made, ganaches are all home made, pralines and nut butters are stone ground, home made too and I use as much natural ingredients as possible, which are free from Gluten, dairy, soya, palm oil and refined sugar.

Please note, pictures of chocolates will be different from the actual chocolates you will get ( as colours, flavours,  shapes Change with every new menu)

For the full list of Ingredients please email me. Colours used are the natural colours but some contain some E numbers. ( very little Cocoa butter colours are used on the surface for pretty appearance). The range of colours I have are from roxy and rich and chef rubber.

Chocolates have no preservatives so they are best enjoyed within 2 weeks after you receive them ( posted Royal Mail first class)


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