Father’s Day special selection, June selection box of 12



Box of 12 hand painted chocolates with 5/6 flavours in the box (menu likely to change )

Hazelnut coffee cream
Almond butterscotch praline with sea salt
Double whisky soft ganache
Blackcurrant hazelnut
Salted caramel layer with peanut praline
Cherry pate de fruit and bakewell coconut praline
Orange gooey caramel with hazelnut orange cardamom praline

Flavours made depends if anything gets requested or how many orders I get. More orders I get I tend to make more flavours.

Choc pic is only a sample as no chocs are made right now (29.05)
Chocolate boxes are plastic free.

Contains NUTS PEANUTS, lupin is in the cookie (mint disk)

Chocolate used is bean to bar choc ( dark light and white) plant based.

Natural ingredients used and all the NUTS and Peanuts plus it may contain sesame.

Chocolates will be sent out 11th or 12th of June. Summer in the box will be available too and the menu won’t say Father’s Day, if you need a box for a bday etc.

These will be last bonbons till Sept.

Other treats are also available: marshmallows, Turkish delights, chocolate shoe, bean to bars, stuffed dates and wonderful Oohjaladis (booja like hard truffles).


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