Father’s Day chocolate bonbons, Box of 12


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Father’s Day bonbons will contain some giandujas, caramels, alcoholic chocolates, marzipans and they will be hand painted and decorated.

There will be two chocolates inside which will say I 💕 DAD.

I shall write the menu on the 11th of June.

Chocolates will be sent out on the 16th or by the 16th.

Please check out other products / mans shoe, peanut butter gianduja cups, marshmallows , bean to bars, in case you wish to order something for your mums too 😉

All chocolate will be freshly made a few days before they get sent out.

They will have average 2 weeks shelf life after you receive them.

Gluten dairy palm oil free and plastic free.

Keep in a cool dry place.

Any questions, please email here or on social media.

The pic is a sample pic.


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