Marzipan selection box of 12 Christmas selection


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Boxes of 12 marzipan bonbons will contain 5/6 flavours:
* Christmas pudding
* Earl Grey, pistachio and orange marzipan
* Lemon and ginger
* Garden rose petals and Berry
* coconut marzipan with touch of salt
* coffee walnut and whisky
These will be ready till the stocks last.

Marzipan Bonbons are decorated with cocoa butter colours (despite being natural
Some Colours still have E numbers)
Home made Marzipans are made with raw sugar and almonds in mainly 75% dark bean to bar Peruvian chocolate shells.

They don’t have dairy, gluten, soya, palm oil, lecithins, plastic. May contain peanuts and sesame.

These will be available from 30th of oct till the 15th of December or till the stocks last.

Other products available are: peanut butter cups, 3 flavour giant marshmallows (not soya free) Kitaladis (contains gluten). Marzipan advents are best present for the marzipan lovers.

Boxes are compostable. Some pics for you to see from the last batches of marzipanss. weight average 12g each.


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