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Advent calendar this year will be available in 3 different boxes:
* Turkish delight lovers box – different Turkish delights enrobed in different sort of bean to bar chocolates and pralines.
*Marzipan lovers Advent: different home made almond marzipans,fruity flavours, nutty textures – not like any shop bought marzipan. Marzipan I make is made with 70% almond flour, agave and raw sugar (unlike shop marzipans, which are made with 40% almond flour and 60% glucose and sugar).
* The Third option which was the most popular one last 3 years, will be the selection of Bonbons different giandujas, caramels, pralines, ganaches, one marzipan and one Turkish delight will be in for you to try too.

Turkish delight advents will have any of these flavours (aiming to make 6 flavours or 8)

* Lemon Turkish delight with garden lavender in light chocolate
* orange Turkish delight dunk in 75% dark Peruvian chocolate
* Raspberry and rose burst ( home made cashew butter and raspberry praline with rose Turkish delight)
* lemon and Earl grey in light chocolate
* coffee almond gianduja with Turkish delight strip
* walnut roll
* Bounty
* blackcurrant gianduja with lemon Turkish delight

The menu can slightly change or one new flavour may appear but the min 6 flavours will be chosen from the above.

All will be posted by or on the 20th of November. Please order as early as possible ( last year I had a queue of 40/50 customers, some couldn’t place an order till the end) plus Royal Mail at times is slow delivering the parcels.

Chocolate used is bean to bar Peruvian chocolate 75% dark, mylk bean to bar chocolate (60%), stone ground white chocolate.
White and mylk chocolate has coconut mylk powder and tigernut flour.

All my chocolates contain some or traces of NUTS, PEANUTS.

They may contain SOYA, SESAME. Chocolates will be freshly made before they get dispatched and they will appear under the certain dates according to their shelf life (1st of Dec ,24th of Dec)

Any questions please ask.

Each piece weighs average 12g
Box will have 24 bonbons.

The boxes I use come from a Malvern based company Meridian.

Vegan/ plant based.

No soya lecithins is used in my chocolate or any lecithins.

Cocoa butter natural colours I use for the decoration on the top are natural colours from roxy and rich and chef rubber, some of them contain E Numbers, if you wish to see the list please see their website or message me.

Please note the pic I used is the old pic. The packaging some look like that, some are different. I don’t make chocolates in advance, so can’t show you what the chocolates will look like. If you follow my social media, you will often see what is made and how.
Whatever you will order with the advent it will get sent with the advent calender in November. If you are ordering bars, mallows etc and you want them earlier please order them separately. Thank you.


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