Caramel and Nut Gianduja filled Bars and Bonbons


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Edit: 19.06. Now only Irregular boxes are left with 3 x filled bars ( 2 flavour raspberry caramel and cashew praline; wild arbour caramel and home made Nutella gianduja) Plus 3 hazelnut gianduja truffle bonbons.

June menu for Bean to filled bars are:
* Raspberry caramel and cashew berry praline
* Maple caramel and pecan and sea salt praline ( sold out replaced either by the first or the last flavour)
* Wild – Arbor caramel and Nutella hazelnut gianduja ( all nut butters and pralines are home made and freshly made, so no Nutella in)

The bars are made with home made and stone ground bean to bar chocolate which contains only 3 ingredients: roasted cacao nibs, raw sugar, cacao butter. White chocolate contains coconut milk powder rather than cacao nibs, a bit of lucuma for caramel notes.
The pralines / nut butters/ giandujas are also freshly made at home by roasting the nuts and using raw sugar or maple.
Caramels are made with raw sugar or maple, fruit purées and this time I used Elmea plant based cream.
Bonbons in the box will be different flavours from the bars.

As the bars are 55g/60g and quite rich, it’s ideal for dividing. Use a warm, dry knife and slice slowly, so you see what it’s like inside.

If you have any questions please ask.
Contains : cacao nibs, cacao butter , raw sugar , all organic. Pralines contain: Nuts, peanuts , raw sugar.

Colours used are from Roxy and Rich natural cocoa butters for decorations.

They are best enjoyed within 3 weeks.

Orders will be despatched by 5th of June and then again the following week. .

Gluten, dairy, soya, palm oil and plastic free.
May contain gluten as gluten is used in the kitchen, however all is throughly cleaned before the chocolate is made.

Pics are not the current chocolate pics as they are not finished, when this is listed. Same moulds just different patterns 😊


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