Biscoff / Lotus and coffee Peanut butter gianduja cups


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Blond stone ground chocolate shells drizzled with dark bean to bar chocolate are very pretty to see and yummy.

The cups are full with caramelised peanut gianduja , Biscoff cookie spread and touch of Colombian coffee which brings out the flavours of all more.

It’s delightful as a late breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Contains GLUTEN and SOYA (the spread contains)WHEAT SOYA sugar, sustainably sourced palm oil, veg fats, spices.
Chocolate contains cacao nibs, raw sugar, coconut sugar, coconut, ALMONDS, PEANUTS, vanilla

Shelf life 3 weeks once you receive them.


Plastic free packaging.

They come as two in a craft small box ( white or craft brown) with a lace. Lace is sadly, not compostable.
They may look slightly different as the pics are not current.


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