Halloween special bonbons, box of 12


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Halloween special box of 12 bonbons will be made with 75% bean to bar dar chocolate, white stone ground chocolate will be used in some of the ganaches, home made pralines will also be made and the menu will have 5 or 8 flavours – any of these or all of these:

* Blackcurrant Gianduja with hazelnut nut praline, blackcurrant stew and freeze dried blackcurrants
* coffee cardamom date gianduja (New)
* Apple pate de fruit and pecan cinnamon praline
* Spicy coffee creamy ganache
* Orange and Geranium infused caramel with almond praline
* Cashew cookie praline
* Garden Strawberry ice cream and balsamic drizzle – summer nostalgia
* Ginger almond and lemon praline
* coffee and hazelnut gianduja

Menu may change slightly if the orders go up.

If the orders are high I will be making 8 flavours, if the orders are very high 10 flavours – how about that?

The box will have some tree branches, some spooky eyes, some happy ghosts but most of all the box will be exciting to get through and discover many unusual combinations with good quality chocolate.

Choc will contain: PEANUT, NUTS, coconut, berries, alchol, coffee, raw sugar, normal sugar ( ginger has otherwise I don’t use any cane sugar) flavour drops ( natural) natural colour will be used on the top for decoration which contain some E numbers – colours used are Chef Rubber natural and roxy and rich natural ones.
Boxes are plastic free Compostable.
Weight per bonbon is average 12g

BB will be 2 weeks ( I don’t use any preservatives so my chocolates are called fresh chocs, I don’t freeze and defrost them either). 8.11

Plant based. May contain gluten and sesame as I at times use them in the kitchen.

These will be posted by the 25th of oct.
Please place an order as soon as you can as once orders reach the number I can make, I ll make them unavailable for ordering. Thanks


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