Marzipan filled Bars and Bonbons

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Marzipan 3 different flavours bars with bonbons
The box contains 3 flavours:
*Rose and berry
*Coffee Expresso walnut chunks and armagnac
*Amaretto white chocolate marzipan ganache

Bonbons will be white amaretto ganache marzipans and coffee walnut marzipans.

They are free from dairy, soya, palm oil and plastic. They have no gluten but I use gluten in my kitchen. They may contain PEANUT and SESAME as I use these time to time in the kitchen too.

Colours used on top of the chocolate will be natural cocoa butter colours or the actual stone ground chocolate as in the pic. Despite the cacao colours called natural they contain some E numbers, for the specifications please email me or look up Roxy and Rich natural colours.

The marzipan bars shelf life is 4 weeks, bonbons only last 3 weeks. I don’t use any extra sugars in my chocolates so the shelf life is not as long as the shop bought chocolate has.

Any questions, please ask.

Caramel and gianduja bars are also made, if you wish to try both.

Best before 8.11
The pic is not how the new batch will look like but the moulds for the bars used are the same. Patterns will be different.

1 review for Marzipan filled Bars and Bonbons

  1. Jo Cunningham

    These were all just amazing. Your chocolate is incredible and I wish I could make them last longer!


      Thank you Jo 💕

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