Dark Dujaladi enrobed marshmallows with orange


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Dujaladi is a mylk bean to bar chocolate made with hazelnuts in the grinder with cacao nibs cacao butter and raw sugar.
Dujaladi is a made up word ( by me!:)
Duja means choc and nut mixture in italian short version of gianduja and Ladi is the ending of Shokoladi.

Dujaladi is a sweet chocolate but still has plenty of cacao notes in.

Dujaladi is mixed with more crumbs of hazelnuts and an orange peel is added to it.

Soft mallows which are not very sweet and have natural tasted complement the chocolate nicely.

Contains cacao nibs, raw sugar, cacao butter, coconut, HAZELNUT, SOYA, tapioca, sugar, glucose. May contain GLUTEN as gluten is used in the kitchen when choc is not out.
Also may contain SESAME, PEANUT as I use those in the kitchen too. Any questions please ask.

These come in clear bags of 6 and have a paper ribbon on. Pic attached belongs to coffee orange dark mallow, but this one will look similar but a bit bumpy due to hazelnut chunks in the chocolate. They weigh average 15g /18g


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