2 bags of surprise me marshmallows



To get you into fluffy mallows (without the pork gelatine / 100% plant based) the “surprise bags” will be available throughout May till June the 1st.

You will get 2 different bags of any of the flavours :
* chocolate and berry crumble mallows
* coffee orange,
* dark orange,
* ginger and passion fruit

The bags will have 6 marshmallows

You can put in the comments what you’d like to get and if doable I shall send those flavours or at least one of the flavours, then you will have to wait and see for your surprise bags to arrive 🤎

Marshmallows ingredients : SOYA protein, tapioca, sugar
Chocolate: cacao nibs, raw sugar, ALMOND, vanilla, cacao butter (depends if it’s white or dark choc). Added will be ginger, passion fruit, berries, orange peel, cookies (no gluten, contains LUPINE) PEANUTs

Any questions please message me.


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