Animal lollies bundle of 5


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Edit: Irregular bundle with 3 flavours only.

Kids need yummy treats as much as we do and it’s good to know, what they get is not as processed as some of the treats in the shops.

Lollies are made with home made bean to bar chocolate, which contains minimal natural ingredients: cacao butter, unrefined sugar, coconut milk powder, freeze dried fruits, cacao nibs. Dujaladi contains hazelnut butter and blonde chocolate contains peanuts.
You can request a nut free bundle, however as nuts are widely used in the kitchen, they may contain nuts.

The bundle of 5 Animal friends will contain:
1 Berry crumble – made with berry white Chocolate and topped with vegan marshmallows and freeze dried raspberries
1 Dujaladi bar – hazelnut gianduja in Peruvian 65% dark
1 Blueberry and lemon made with Freeze dried wild blueberries, a bit of açai, lemon oil and dried sweet blueberries for texture
1 Blonde chocolate – made with peanut flour and home made Peanut praline with raw sugar.
For crunch more peanuts are used on the back.
1 fruit and nut in mylk
1 mint truffle lolly ( the lolly parents will want to have 😉

Gluten free, dairy free, soya free, palm oil
Free, lecithins free. May contain gluten as gluten is used in the kitchen.
Vegan, packed in a compostable packaging and the lolly stick is made with paper.

Any questions please ask.

They will be freshly made at the weekends till end of February and posted on Wednesdays.
The lollies are quite big so kids may Not want to finish it, they can go back into their bags but as the bag is compostable it deteriorates with any contact with water / liquid.

Shelf life 6 weeks from the time you get it.


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