S’mores Marshmallow peanuts and cookies (gluten free)


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S’mores are a new addiction to marshmallow menu.
Marshmallows are dunk in 2 ingredient bean to bar dark chocolate which has spicy cookies and peanuts. Tiny bit of pink salt is added for more flavour.

The bag contains 6 marshmallows, marshmallows contain: SOYA,tapioca, sugar,carrageenan, vanilla
Cookies: LUPIN , PEANUT, maize flour, sugar, cinnamon, blend of spices, rice starch, natural flavour, sodium, palm oil, ammonium hydrogen carbonate, salt. No gluten.
Chocolate contains: 75% cacao nibs ( Peru ) raw sugar.
Best before 2 weeks after you recover them.
Each mallow weighs average 20g/25g


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