KiTaLadis – Gianduja Wafers with Orange and Hazels


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Hazelnut gianduja chocolate enrobed wafers with orange are perfect in texture, flavour and taste. Crunchy creamy wafers with hazelnut cream and hazelnut gianduja around them, with a small orange peel is drizzled with dark chocolate. They are different shapes as I don’t try to make them look like a shop bought chocolate so you get all the extra bits on the choc. The bag has 8 wafers in and they weigh average 180/195g

They last for a long time 4 weeks but the label will say 2 weeks as always, I d like you to enjoy them as fresh as possible.

Wafers have GLUTEN, HAZELNUT and SOYA.
Full ingredients for the wafers:
Sugar, WHEAT flour, vegetable fats, palm
Oil, sodium hydrogen carbonate, salt, natural flavouring.
Chocolate Gianduja contains: cacao nibs, raw sugar, coconut milk, HAZELNUT, orange oil, orange peel.
They may contain PEANUT SESAME As I use them in the kitchen time to time. Any questions please ask. These will be available regularly. I post on Mondays and Thursdays every week.


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