White Coffee Peanut Creamy bar


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This white bar is the queen of the white stone ground bars I have ever made. If you like coffee you will love this , if you don’t like coffee, you will still enjoy this – yes, that’s how confident I am recommending it.

It’s made with a few ingredients in the grinder, coconut milk powder, almond flour, tiger nut flour, cocoa butter, peanuts and Colombian coffee.

It’s free from lecithins or any additives.

It’s creamy, very moreish and the peanut and coffee balance the sweetness of white bar very nicely.

This is the only white which will be made regularly so it will be listed most of the time on my website.

Vegan, gluten free, dairy free, palm oil free and soya free.

I do use gluten in the kitchen though so if you wish to ask any questions and have any allergies, please get in touch.

Approx 85g
These are good for 2 months however I usually put down 6 weeks shelf life as I like customers enjoying all my creations as fresh as possible.

For more flavours check out the bundle of chocolates “make me happy bars” which are always available and a very good buy ( wholesale price per bean to bar).


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