Orange Burst 75% Dark Bean to Bar


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I had this bar myself, which was made by my lovely neighbour with my own chocolate slab. She buys my chocolate untempered in a block and does what she wants.
I had it and thought, it was not just a simple chocolate bar, but it was truly delicious.

Then I asked what and how she made it and she told me that she makes citrus strips and uses those.

I make orange chocolate bar too with dehydrated orange zest crumble, but having the caramelised zest is far much nicer than dry zest I realised.

So to make this New orange bar, I will be spending more time than on any other bar, but it’s well worth it.
I ‘d say it’s the nicest orange bar on the market which I know ( I am not humble to say that, because I believe you will agree)

So the oranges get peeled, then stripes are made, white is removed as much as possible and then I boil it 3 times to get the bitterness out. Once it’s ready I cook it on a low heat for an hour plus in raw sugar and water. Then I get one by one out of the pan and let it dry for 24 hrs.

The peel is full of flavour and has chew texture too.

With the dark Peruvian or Colombian chocolate it’s mixed and you get a simple dark chocolate with zesty orange.

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Ingredients: organic cacao nibs, raw sugar and organic cacao butter with peels of orange.

Keep in a cool dry place.

Best before 2 monthS after you purchased.

Free from gluten, dairy, soya, refined sugar and palm oil.

Min weight 80g


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