Easter egg – Eggstra special Rocky road surprise


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Rocky road, not too rocky to break your teeth but crunchy, as it’s filled with almond gianduja, chewable and delightful nice things added with crunchy hazelnuts, so you will have all the textures with it.

Half a pretty egg shell will be filled up with soft plant based marshmallows, ginger chunks, nuts,orange Turkish delight strips, gooey big medjoli dates, orange peel strips, hazelnuts and two bonbons will be a little gift from me.

This will be popular with kids and adults.

Having more than just the plain chocolate egg shell, the rocky road, which you can enjoy over a few days, or a week, definitely is nicer way to celebrate Easter and you can also try all my special treats at the same time!

Bunny giandujas will also be available with peanut butter and medjoli dates.
Please order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

All plant based ingredients are used as always. Allergies: NUTS, PEANUT, SOYA (used in marshmallow)

Ingredients cacao, raw sugar, coconut; cocoa butter, tiger nut, soya, Nuts, corn starch ( Turkish delights) and all the ingredients above.

They weigh average 370/420g, so these are a good buy.

Any questions please ask. Pics from last year, no Biscoff will be used this year as the workshop is gluten free.


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