Easter Egg -chose Dark, Mylk, Nutty, Fruity


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Chose your egg till end of Feb (till stocks last! I own only one mould so to guarantee to get the flavour you wish to order, please order asap) or you will get one of the following:

Dark 80% Peruvian almond salted almonds
Light 60% mylk fruit and nut
Dark 75% Peruvian Orange strip peel and hazelnuts

Easter eggs are hallow eggs made with stone ground dark or mylk chocolate.

Please put in the comments the flavour you wish to have and the second option if your chosen one is not available any more..
It’s because I can only make 3 eggs a day and the one you chose, may not be available any more.


Free from: Dairy gluten palm oil soya
Any questions please ask.

Eggs all look different and unique.


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