Chocolate lips – one for you, one for a special friend


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Edit: one set is left white coffee and plain.

Chocolate lips have been lovely replacement for chocolate buttons, so I have got the packaging for them and they will be sold as duo. Mainly only dark bean to bar chocolate will be used to make the lips ( 75% dark Peruvian or Colombian) if I have other chocolates left too, those will also be used ( white, mylk, coffee, berry)

This time I have white peanut chocolate lips only a few, and dark. If you wish to try coffee please comment and if I still have them, I will send them to you.

Dark Chocolate contains only 3 ingredients but may have traces of nuts/ peanuts as I use nuts heavily. Cacao nibs, raw sugar and cacao butter.
White coffee chocolate has coffee, coconut, cocoa butter and raw sugar plus peanuts.

Its free from palm oil, soya lecithins dairy and refined sugar. Gluten is used in my kitchen but chocolate has no gluten.
Each bag contains 22 lips.

Any questions please ask. Picture used is coffee white and peanut chocolate lips.


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