Berry Crumble chocolate Bean to Bar


Berry crumble bean to bar 75% dark chocolate. 4 ingredients only : cacao nibs, raw sugar, cacao butter, raspberries.


Made with our delicious handcrafted 75% dark Colombian or Peruvian chocolate.
Our pure, delicious and vegan dark chocolate is made from just three unrefined ingredients: cacao nibs, raw sugar and cacao butter for creaminess.

Artisan Bean-to-Bar chocolate from Shokoladi Malvern is carefully made in a stone grinder for three days, using either Colombian or Peruvian beans. Then it’s aged for two weeks in order to develop its taste and aroma. Finally, the chocolate is tempered carefully before being handmade into our delicious Bean-to-Bar chocolates and bonbons.

We want you to enjoy chocolate that is both good and tasty. It’s mixed with berries and the tart berry and dark chocolate is a wonderful duo.

Orders received by Sunday will be handcrafted and dispatched by the following Wednesday. We want you to enjoy delicious and fresh chocolate, so we don’t keep stock. Instead, we make the best Bean-to-Bar chocolate to order and dispatch within a few days.


All Shokoladi Malvern chocolate bars and bonbons are vegan and hand-made using quality, unrefined ingredients. For some sweetness and brilliant balance, we make our chocolate with raw, unrefined sugar.

Free from: soya, palm oil, refined sugar, gluten and dairy

May contain nuts.


Our bars are packaged in a clear, compostable bag / or cardboard branded bar packaging.

Appearance variation

The appearance of our handcrafted chocolate bars varies, partly because all are hand made and not by a machine. Therefore, your bar may not look like the bar pictured here.

approx net weight: 80g


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