75% Dark Peruvian Chocolate tempered slabs – Make Your Own


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300g Slabs will be made with the tempered chocolate, which contains only 3 ingredients and ideal for making truffles , baking, choc bars, or having as plain chocolate, or hot chocolate drink.

Ingredients: cacao nibs, raw sugar and cacao butter all organic.

Chocolate is made in the grinder for 3 days and it’s very smooth. It has dense cacao taste and fruity plus earthy notes. It contains only 25% raw sugar.


If you decide to make bars with it / chop it and melt it in a clean and completely dry bowl, over a hot water simmering pan or microwave on a low setting.

How to make bars/ medallions of chocolate
You have to temper the chocolate.
Get temperature to 42c
Stir and get the temp down to 27c. Warm
up for 3/4 seconds in a microwave and get the temp up to 31.5c. Stir well
and your chocolate is ready to make bars on a grease proof paper. You can top it up with any nuts, raisins, orange peel etc and make as big, thick, thin as you like. You can make small medallions too.

Rest it for 1 hr or so or 15 mins in the fridge and choc will come off easily from the Grease proof paper when ready and hard.

How to make truffles:

Take 150g of dark chocolate and chop it in small pieces. Add 150g boiling cream ( I use coconut cream) and let it sit for 2 mins. You can add any flavouring / vanilla/ orange oil, mint oil etc.. Then stir well and emulsify. Put it in the fridge with the cling film over it for an hour.
Get it out and scoop with a spoon/ or melon scooper and roll in your hand palms. Then dust in cacao powder/chopped roasted hazelnuts, shredded coconut.

How to make Drinking Hot chocolate:

Chop small pieces from the slab and place in the blender (45g/50g). Add hot water/mylk or milk (1 cup). Rest for one min, than whiz it. After a min you have a frothy, hot chocolate which is pure in taste. Add marshmallows or flakes of the slab if you wish and enjoy.

How to make the best chocolate drink in summer? You will need:
Any good chocolate, ideally bean to bar without any soya lecithins in, hot water and the blender. Chop the choc slab / or a bar 75% dark and above, add hot water (40/50g of chocolate , one mug of water ) let it sit in the blender for a min and then whizz it. Let it stay in the blender till it’s cold. Once cold add ice cubes and whizz it. I added some plant milk to mine just a splash, you could or just enjoy the pure cacao taste without any other flavours effecting it. You can add a teaspoon of pure nut butter if you wish ( hazelnut is lovely ) while it’s hot and blending, which will give you a Nutella sort of a drink ( hazelnut butter plus water gives you hazelnut mylk ).

It’s the most satisfying drink for chocoholics. Creamy, full of aroma and strong cacao flavour. In winter you can make the same and enjoy it hot:)

You can request #ketochocolate slabs if you follow #sugarfree diet 🙂

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