5 Bean to Bars of your choice


Please note , that the outer packaging will be with us from October , right now they are sold in see through packaging.

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This is the best value for bars of chocolate if you wish to try all the flavours we do.
You can go for just one or two flavours if you wish, but it’s always nice to try more than one.

The flavours available are just the dark bars:
1. Coffee Bean to Bar
2. Raspberry crumble
3. Orange Burst
4. Hazelnut crunch
5. 75% Dark Plain

The actual chocolate has only 3 ingredients : organic cacao nibs, organic raw sugar, organic cacao butter.

The coffee bean to bar also has coconut milk powder for creaminess and coffee.
Raspberry bar has freeze dried raspberries added.
Orange burst has orange (caramelised) added.
Hazelnut crunch has hazelnuts added
Plain chocolate has nothing added.

Bars are good for 7 weeks after they were made but they are best enjoyed while fresh (upto 4 weeks)

Each weighs approximately 85g


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